Frequently Asked  Questions


What is the cost?

The cost of embroidery depends on two things: the quantity being run, and the amount of stitches in a design.

The more pieces being run at the same time, the greater the cost savings for the customer. A large more complex design will generate more stitches, which creates more machine time and will cost more to run.

To make up a new design in the format needed to operate the machine has a one time charge of approx. $75 (based on stitch count in the design)  this is then saved, and can be used in the future at no further set-up cost. 

How many do I have to order?

As mentioned above, the cost goes down for more pieces embroidered at one time, But, we often do only 1 or 2 custom pieces , and it is priced accordingly. You can always ask us for a quote

Can I bring my own products?

Yes, we will embroider a customers product providing it is something we cannot supply. Please see our suppliers page for a wide range of product available at very competitive prices.